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You obviously are the last person on earth who should be telling others that. But pay how much? Do you honestly think the majors would want indie artists being able to say "Oh, you only got that much, I get this much because I have no label" and then their sheep saying "maybe we should ditch our label.

Are you asking what would happen if copyright didn't exist at all which is something I've never advocated?

Be someone other than Justin Timberlake. Bessie smith lesbian. In fact, if I just use parts of your song to write my own, then I am just as much of a pirate as someone who puts your song on a file sharing site. I don't even know what point some of you are trying to make or, more importantly, why. Alex day naked. It is an argument of entitlement. Who said records are no longer sold? They just aren't paying. The thing that's funny though, is people keep making these arguments, and using people like Alex Day to show something like how copyright is wrong or it's over, but this guy is selling songs, old ones, news ones, he's got CDs, products Also, evidence thrown around here all the time says that a lot of bands make this "valuable" music end up OWING money to their labels, so they do it for even LESS than minimum!

Even when not proven, your "potential" is right. Only time can measure an artist's true worth. Naked spy videos. The relationship began when she was 15 years old and he was This argument starts from a presumption of copyright though. And honestly if he managed to do it why would he need any label at all as he concluded himself? But if i design and sell a million toasters, I don't get paid everytime someone makes a piece of toast out of said toasters for the rest of my life, and then 70 years thereafter.

Why is that a bad thing? Robert profile31 Jul 3: Where as with this, they still want the "horse and buggy". You don't pay millions, you pay pennies. But what you can't do is lock down people's behaviour and criminalize to guarantee that royalty when the means of securing that salary changes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karl profile28 Mar 9: Musicians can complain that things are not as they used to be, but they should not expect anyone to care, much like the horse-whip or buggy manufacturers who didn't adapt when the automobile took over.

Read Next 2 men accused of attacking pilot at Miami airport. First up, connect with fans: I suppose it's like doing a cover song and putting your own spin on it, which is legal as long as the original writers get credit and get paid.

But there will be loads of failures and no amount of copyright will change any of the facts above actually it'll prevent many artists from making money on works derived from the available cultural pool.

Love how you pick and choose points to respond to. Disgusting MMA injury horrifies fans. You don't need to perform to make money, and Day has proven that.

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Press 'i' to view the image gallery'v' to view the video galleryor 'r' to view a random entry. Oh, you designed this "amazing" toaster? The Devil makes work for idle hands, y'know. Nude pics of chinese. Not quite my cup of tea, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Granted it's good if you're capable of making a living out of it but, ultimately, music, being an art form, should have longevity. But you can cover it, your own musicians playing the music. As far as non-commercial infringement goes, what is the agreement between copyright holders and people who make copies pirates?

Unless you suffer from a sense of entitlement that the rest of us find ridiculous. I was able to submit an application and get approved within a very short amount of time.

The whole point of this article is to show that Alex Day went a different route which gave him more options and a lot more leverage. No One29 Jul 6: Yet he is not buying Mansions with swimming pools. And especially to stop "bitching and moaning" in back-room sessions with high-level government officials. What offense did the young men commit against Elisha to justify being mauled by bears? So I was willing to hear what they could offer and how we could work together and I still would be, but I don't think labels are ready to be that humble.

If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to be good at it. World big tits com. Alex day naked. The good things was their original intent, a temporary monopoly on the implementation of an idea patent or the right to produce copies. So I'm asking on what legal grounds would you get a lawyer?

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At least she had the gumption to dress up, and clearly, she was in no way concerned about what others thought about her. Is there no way to steal that stuff? And this is different from "the other side of the coin Yep, you guessed it he never called the next day nor did he call 2 days after. Maybe he lost his cell or something.

How does that affect you? One of his songs is an old Peter and Gordon song from the 60s. I thought everyone would want to do that.

It's not very clear. There are some good things about copyright and you'll find people on this site who agree with that statement. Nude pics of bianca beauchamp. The song writers write a song that will sell 1 million copies.

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Alex appear to be in a relationship where he outsources things that he has done and could be doing it, but prefer not to. Does that mean the new "clothes" had value? Usually, buying one is cheaper, so the service of providing the orange to you adds value to the orange. This is one of those arguments that I don't get. Farrah nude pics. Poor ol pirates having to pay for hard drive space and internet connections.

If they were focused on profit, they wouldn't need to go crawling to governments the world over for more laws. And it's also how most professional artists actually get paid. Shouldn't Pachelbel be paid for his work arranging 8 notes in a specific way? The Naked Brothers Band Discography. Hot girls getting fucked porn He also starred in his playwriting What Would Woody Do? Nobody wants to buy music from someone that's whining about piracy, or lost sales, or how things aren't like they used to be, or going on about demographics and world tours and television appearances, or worse - their pet political cause.

Go back and read them all. Anonymous Coward28 Jul 9: This whole thing really baffles me.

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